2023 Web Design Trends

Where is digital design headed? Get inspired with us and check out these top 2023 web design trends!

Where is design headed?

Every new year brings us new and exciting web design trends. In 2022 we had 80s retro shapes, interactive scroll elements, large typographic headers and minimalism enhanced with gradients. Many of these design elements will still be popular in 2023, but there are some new trends on the horizon.

01 The 90s

Everything comes back into style, and right now, the 90s are in. Bright contrasting colors, large chunky shapes and illustrations that take us back to the days of cassette tapes, boy bands and Tomagachis… While this aesthetic isn’t right for everybody, lots of brands are capitalizing on the effect of nostalgia to convert leads.

Gumroad is one of the most popular examples of Neo-Brutalism (via

02 Neo-Brutalism

It sounds more intimidating than it is. Neo-Brutalism is basically the use of raw design elements in a minimal space. Think large typography, visible grid lines, single or limited color use, and an almost industrial, undesigned look. Ironically, it almost brings us back to the days of basic, undesigned HTML. Why is it so popular right now? Because it’s honest, accessible and to-the-point. Sometimes less is more.

The British Museum has an especially effective dark mode website (via

03 Dark Mode

Tech users just can’t seem to get enough of the dark side. Dark mode is appearing for just about everything: apps, operating systems, gaming consoles, and now webpages. You read that right. Dark mode is officially a design trend, and websites that use black or dark elements rather than bright white are on the rise.

04 Accessibility

Since the internet has become such a part of our everyday lives, it’s more important than ever that it’s accessible to all. ADA compliant websites are going to be emphasized even more in 2023, so it’s important that accessibility be incorporated as much as possible into your website. If you’re not sure what that means, stick to the basics. Easy-to-read color combinations, a clear system of navigation, and alt text/e-reader friendly pages are great places to start. If you’d like to know more about compliant webpages, visit this accessibility article.

ADA Compliant websites are very important and may be required by law. We’re available to discuss your specific accessibility needs. Let’s talk.

05 3D & Perspective Illustrations

Visit any major website that uses illustration and you’re likely to see a different perspective on images. The use of 3 dimensional graphics provides websites with implied space and depth, and lends to a more engaging user experience. Illustrations have also become a very popular alternative to photographic images, and should continue to be in 2023.

06 Gradients

Gradients just never seem to get old. That is, well-designed gradients with engaging colors and soft transitions. Think Instagram, Apple and Firefox. These companies have mastered the use of a gradient in a professional and clean way. 2023 is predicted to be just as popular for gradients in design.

07 Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a technique we use to move different layers of a website at different speeds, creating an illusion of depth. Although this technique requires additional and often times complex programming, it can create an incredible wow-factor for the user. See it in action in Sunrise Banks’ Banking on Change.

Every Last Drop is a website that shows the importance of saving water through an interactive storytelling experience. Experience it out at

08 Storytelling

This one is probably our favorite, because it’s the very essence of the user experience. Websites are no longer just pages with buttons and links. They’re journeys, and the way you build them is how you tell a story. Some can even feel like a game with interactive elements that encourage the user to participate. From the way you guide your users through your site to the visuals you use to make an impact, storytelling is huge right now in web design.

09 Micro-Animations

Animation is the trend that just doesn’t get old. Keeping a user’s attention on a flat website with lots of type can be tricky. Animations are not only engaging, they help guide your user down the page or to other pages on your site, and lead to more conversions. The newest trend that will be more prominent in 2023 is micro-animations, or very subtle but engaging moving elements on a webpage. See our homepage banner for an example of micro-animation at play!

10 Video

Last, but certainly never least, is the use of video on websites. Video hasn’t lost popularity, especially with the rise in TikTok users. Embedding videos on webpages help engage visitors and provide information in a different way. Video banners are especially popular. Our 8bitFLEX websites now have this technology! Check it out.

Feeling inspired? Let’s talk about how to build your dream website in 2023! Whether you want to be more compliant, implement animation, go brutalist or a combination, as your web design team, we’ve got you covered!

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