A Time to Reflect: Our Values

Our values have always driven us forward, and this time of year we like to reflect on those values

Our Values Drive Us Forward

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on personal values and to express gratitude. 8bitstudio’s culture has always been built around strong values and principals. This holiday week, we’re reflecting on the past year as well as assessing how we can bring our values into the year ahead.

People & Planet Before Money & Success

We believe that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the natural world around us. From keeping our precious waters clean to practicing sustainability in our everyday lives, environmental stewardship is a big deal to us.

We also value people. The relationships we build with our clients, teammates, and community are precious. We aim to be positive and to spread that positivity to everyone we work with. It’s more than just networking; it’s building lasting connections that empower everyone.

Curiosity & Innovation

You know those old-school 8bit graphics? Looking back on them they are boxy to us now, but back then that was true innovation. That’s where we came from and experiencing that degree of innovation first-hand has become a driving force that pushes us to new levels. We keep our minds open and creative at all times, and try to make improvement a habit. Instead of staying in one lane, we like to branch out and take the occasional unknown path. Inspiration lies in the unknown, and some of our best ideas arise from the challenges we face.

Honesty & Doing the Right Thing

Transparency with our clients is our firm handshake to you. We mean it when we say honesty matters and are committed to building our relationships off of that trust. When tough decisions arise, we always strive to do the right thing. This extends to our community as well. We’re proud of our Minnesota heritage, and want to help our tight-knit community succeed.

Our office will be closed Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25.

From our family to yours, we wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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