Call Your Minnesota Senator To Fight For The Completion Of The BWCA Environmental Study

Newsletter Share – Save the Boundary Waters

Today Boundary Waters Champion, Representative Betty McCollum introduced legislation compelling the Trump Administration to finish a critical study on the impact of sulfide-ore copper mining on the Boundary Waters.

The Trump Administration cancelled the study and forcing them to complete it will help make it crystal clear why it’s so vital to protect the Boundary Waters.

This is the kind of smart, pro-Boundary Waters legislation that will help move us toward permanent protection for America’s most popular Wilderness.

Call now!

Tell your elected officials to support Betty’s legislation today!

Senator Tina Smith: (202) 224-5641
Senator Amy Klobuchar: (202) 224-3244
Governor Tim Walz: (651) 201-3400

Here’s a script:
“I support Representative McCollum’s actions to protect the Boundary Waters from Twin Metals’ toxic sulfide-ore copper mining project on the edge of the Wilderness. As your constituent, I am asking you to stand up and support Representative McCollum’s ongoing efforts to protect the Boundary Waters.”

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