Introducing The New 8bitstudio Website

Out with the old!

With spring in the air, our team dreamed up a fresh new take on 8bitstudio! Not just from a design standpoint, but a chance to critique the innermost workings of business, tailor the needs of our clients, and explore our brand.

We’re great at adventuring, so it was right up our alley to put our best foot forward and wow ourselves as a client! Months of iterations, brainstorming sessions, and brand exploration led us to the heart of what this company has to offer.


Fresh start with real-world input

We knew this project was going to require hours of wrangling. We are, of course, a team of creatives with a bowl full of imagination and a knack for obsessing over details. Our next level ideas were to provide real solutions for our audience and the challenges they face. Our design, voice, and user experience were to be a clean style when visitors hit the page, but a powerhouse of knowledge to take away.

Solid brand with you at the center

The best part of redesigning was keeping our clients at the forefront. Our strategy circled around you. Every discussion, meeting, sketch, and feature we wore the shoes of past and future clients, honing in on how they would identify with us and meet the expectations they were searching for in a good web agency. We trimmed out excess verbiage and stuffy explanations to make our point because your time is valuable, while other areas unlocked the possibilities you could have at your fingertips.

Design & development

What inspired us

We wanted to blend digital elements with print media. We looked to magazine layouts from The Merrell Journal issue featuring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Patagonia’s winter catalog , traditional magazine layouts from the Communication Arts magazine and more.

Typography & Color Palette

Our brand identity is like the shorelines of the Great Lakes, continually being sculpted by its surroundings and evolving, therefore, we stray away from hard and fast rules when it comes to color and type. As a digital agency our team must ride the waves of rapidly changing trends to stay contemporary. We mixed traditional print style serifs with the bold, modern strokes of san serif web fonts.

We also brighten the white space of the website with new splashes of color using gradient CSS techniques and coral accents. Paired with sleek black and crisp white to evoke the feel of a glossy magazine page.

Refining page content

Highlighting our office culture & team members

Our team is what makes our company truly unique. As we grew in the past years, we knew that showcasing our team members and the workplace culture were important to highlight on the new website. Visit the Company page to learn more about the 8bit team, read about What Matters, such as sustainability and connecting with the outdoors.

Expanding information on our services

We added dedicated pages to provide more information about how we build websites, our e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing services. Highlighted go-to tools and platforms, such as WordPress/Gutenberg editor, WooCommerce, and Google applications for marketing. Check out the Solutions page to read more.

New Additions

Hot off the press – The Loop

Our previous Stories section is now The Loop. Keep an eye out for monthly articles featuring posts about what’s current at 8bitstudio, trends in design/technology and more!

Connecting to our online shop that donates to Save The Boundary Waters

After launching our online shop, Superior Shop earlier this year, we knew it was important to link users over to purchase custom designed goods to benefit Save the Boundary Waters. You will find the link to Superior Shop in right hand corner of the main menu.

BWCA Vintage Inspired Camp Tee, buy it now!

That’s a wrap!

We are excited to share the new website design with our clients and followers! We would love to hear what you think. Send us a message, call us at (612) 208-8248, and follow us on social media–Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We always aim to improve and make your 8bitstudio experience the best it can be! Thank you.

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