It Wouldn’t Be Thanksgiving Without Our Favorite Dishes

thanksgiving dinner table set up with food

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and (most importantly) FOOD. It’s fun to see how each family does Thanksgiving a little differently. When talking about our favorite dishes, we’re quick to realize that! This year, we thought we’d share with some staples throughout our households to inspire you… and make you hungry!

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Starting off the lineup is a pretty standard dish, but with a twist; cream cheese mashed potatoes. I don’t know about you, but just hearing cheese and potatoes together, I’m already sold. These are definitely not your standard mashed potatoes, and if they are, we’re jealous. If your mouth is watering as much as ours is you’ll definitely want to check this recipe out!

thanksgiving mashed potatoes

Mashed Butternut Squash

Up next we have a sweet take on squash! Personally, the only time I use a squash around Thanksgiving is for decoration. But! This fun recipe is sure to be a hit at your next family gathering. The recipe we have shared is more on the sweet side, but what makes squash so great is its versatility. It can easily be served sweet or savory depending on what you’re craving!

mashed squash in dish with butter and cinnamon

Photo from Spend with Pennies

Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia salad is next on our list of mouth-watering favorites. This colorful fruit salad contains an unexpected ingredient.. Sour cream?! BUT our experts say don’t knock it til you try it. This decadent-looking dessert tastes even better than it looks and we’re definitely adding it to our list of side dishes to try! If you’re ready to expand your palette give this recipe a try and if you’re feeling daring try out some different fruit combinations!

ambrosia fruit salad in dish topped with cherry

Photo from The Country Cook

Pumpkin Bars

Nothing says Thanksgiving like fighting your cousins over who gets to take the leftover pumpkin bars home. That’s why this staple dessert is rounding out our list this year. There’s just something about the sweet, cinnamony taste of the pumpkin bar topped with cream cheese frosting that keeps us coming back for more. If you haven’t had the joy of hiding a tray of grandma’s famous pumpkin bars so you can sneak them home later, we definitely recommend checking this recipe out.

thanksgiving pumpkin bars

Photo from Deb Martin on

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatever foods your Thanksgiving includes, we hope you have a great time eating it and spending time with family. Enjoy, indulge, and relax this holiday season and remember, calories don’t count during the holidays!

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