Optimizing TimeWorn Wood’s Website & Organic SEO Strategy

About the Company

This past March we were approached by TimeWorn Wood, a family-owned and operated company out of Atwater, Minnesota, specializing in fine wood restaurant tabletops, community tables and other solid wood products.


  • Relocate website to 8bitstudio hosting environment
  • Optimized website to improve load times
  • Update & optimize sitemap
  • Correct Google search console errors
  • Implement organic SEO strategy to improve organic traffic

A Word From Timeworn’s “Head Dude”, Jared Groebner

Backdrop: We’re a growing company that relies on our site to generate about 90% of new leads.  We have used 4 different website companies with 3 of the 4 taking place in under 2 years.  We’ve seen it all, 1 man show, companies selling us on things we don’t need and didn’t want, a company that took 10 people and 4 weeks to make a 2 minute change on our site and a company that was great but simply didn’t want to work with an existing site.

Initial Response: Their initial response to our inquiry was almost instant.  We explained our situation, we have an existing site that we LOVE on the front-end and that we’ve poured our time into but we were looking for a company that could tackle the back-end of our site.  Within a few days they sent over a proposal to do an audit of site.

The Process: we received our initial proposal of items to clean up and modify the back-end of our site.  Everything was clearly identified and laid out with estimated times for which the proposed work would take.  We came with our own list of changes and updates we needed for the site and together they began working. They thought it would take roughly three weeks and as with anything it took a few weeks longer. But what was amazing was that we were able to communicate directly with the developer during the process which we hadn’t been able to do with other companies.  It may seem like a minor difference, but it’s the difference between taking too long, losing info, in translation and simply getting shit done.  

The Product: When it comes down to it, they are selling a service to us.  From other reviews we understand we are unique in that we don’t need a new website.  We are an established company with a website we love.  The service they have provided thus far has been, bar none, the best service we’ve had in 10 years of business.  I actually sent over an email on Friday after work hoping to get an answer on Monday and 30 minutes later, at 6:30 on a Friday night, the developer called me.  Again, that’s getting shit done and is one of those moments when you know you’re in the place with the right people.  

The People:  Even though 8bit might not be the biggest is size, their abilities have been proven to be greater than the largest companies we’ve worked with.  You also hope that you’ll have a decent chemistry with the people you want to work with and Matt, Josh, Erika and the gang are humble and down to earth Minnesota Nice.  

The Price:  Not going to lie, we were nervous that after several months of work that our first round of work would be high to us, but it’s all relative.  They worked through a to-do list that was 20+ items long. Great work guys, looking forward to years of work together.

“Their changes improved our organic impressions and leads by more than 20%. Our site speed increased by 300%.  So the question we ask ourselves now is not “how can we afford that” it is, “how can we not afford to do more with them”. 

Looking forward to crafting a working relationship

Our team could not be more pleased with the results of working with Jared & Amanda from TimeWorn thus far! We are sincerely appreciative of their kind words and excited to continue supporting their website and growing their business for years to come.

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