Cal-Tex Electric Website Project

About The Client

Established in 2005, Cal-Tex Companies has grown to become the leading merit-based service company in the Twin Cities. Their three divisions – Electric, Technologies, and Construction – provide a wide array of services for commercial, industrial and residential clients.

They have built a reputation for excellence by providing clients with a combination of superior service, collaborative designs, and high-quality construction.

Ground Zero Objectives

  • Split the attention between their three core divisions, Electric, Technologies, and Construction.
  • Showcase various high profile client projects.
  • Promote each division’s service offerings and 24/7 Emergency Service.
  • Feature their commitment to industry safety requirements, such as OSHA & Experience Modification Rating.
  • Draw a significant focus around their stellar staff, by highlighting each team member with a profile image and biography.
  • Create a robust page to advocate Cal-Tex career opportunities, training, apprenticeships, and benefits.
  • Introduce a dynamic contact form to effectively allow users to apply for employment, request a bid, and send a general inquiry.

Division Pages

Each division is equally spotlighted with a dedicated page highlighting

  • Service descriptions
  • Featured project portfolio gallery
  • Core division team members
  • Safety policies
  • Division career opportunities
  • Requesting a Bid

Career Opportunities

We built a robust tool that allows potential candidates to filter through job postings and apply online in a snap.

  • Filter through job postings in each Cal-Tex division to find a job that best suites your skills.
  • Discover Cal-Tex’s job benefits and their NCCER Certified Apprentice Electrician Training Program
  • Easily apply online through a dynamic form that includes posting details
  • Upload your resume, cover letter, and any necessary documents to ensure a successful application

Job Postings Feed
Career Benefits
Apply Online

Project Showcase

Cal-Tex’s team  serves a variety of industries and clients throughout the Twin Cities and across the Midwest. We created a tailored solution to promote project details and images.

  • Filter through multiple project categories to find relevant project information quickly
  • Use of tags to notate which division of Cal-Tex Companies contributed to the project

Project Details

  • Project details and highlights
  • Project recap testimonial
  • Gallery

Team Gallery & Biographies

In addition to promoting Cal-Tex’s variety of services and project examples, their leadership team dedicated a significant effort towards highlighting members of their team with professional images and well crafted biographies to give users a sense of the people and customer service that drives their company.

Robust Forms Designed to Reach The Proper Channels

Managing several departments, job applications, project bids, and a team working between the office and the road, can make it difficult to streamline communication and keep everyone in the loop. We stepped in with a versatile digital form that was designed with effective communication in mind.

  • Users can select which topic relates to their request
  • Each category connects your request to a coinciding team member’s email
  • Job posting selections auto populate from clicking “Apply” on the Careers page
  • The Document Upload feature allows users to upload any necessary documents to attach to their request
Select Category
Auto Populated 

Google Analytics Now & Then

We optimized the site across multiple devices to allow users to
view the site on their preferred device.

New Site Visitor Metrics  

(December 12, 2018 – February 4, 2019)

Previous Site Visitor Metrics  

(October 1, 2018 – November 1, 2018)

Average user session time has increased from 23 seconds to over 3 minutes, from the launch of the site through February 2019, as well as an increase of around three more pages visited per session. Bounce rate has dropped 45.7% and total page views have increased by 3,340 more page views.

Wrapping Up

It was a challenge to be sure, trying to fit so much into a clean design, when Cal-Tex encompasses three separate divisions for a spectrum of clients. But with a team full of clever ideas, we were able to showcase Cal-Tex’s impressive portfolio and services, enticing users to work with (and for) such a reputable company. Now, those visiting the site will know exactly what to expect out of this group of professionals. We hope they’re just as impressed with the finished product.

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