August 2018

Project Deliverables

We upgraded IntriCon’s dated website with a sleek, minimalistic design to compliment their seamless designs of body worn devices. The new website also features an updated private client dashboard for users to access essential software information and downloads, as well as a revamped version of their Investor Relations pages made possible by the collaboration with the development team at NASDAQ.

About The Company

As forward-thinkers, engineers, and manufacturers, IntriCon immediately caught 8bitstudio’s attention into the incredible work they were doing by supplying the world with innovative body-worn devices. Through advanced technology, IntriCon not only gives young & old access to affordable hearing and critical medical devices, they’re paving a way for cutting-edge healthcare.

Ground Zero Objectives

As we discussed IntriCon’s needs in a website, it was apparent that the site had been sitting in the shadows and was not a valuable asset to represent the impressive work they were accomplishing. IntriCon’s reputation for quality and precision put into their global OEM products needed to leave the impression that these guys were the real deal; that their technology was meeting the demands of the future.

To start out, our team began to transform their website, allowing users the advantage of exploring IntriCon’s capabilities. With so many small devices bridging a gap between personal loss and an independent future, it was a crucial first step to re-work the user experience and reflect the importance of their products, with an emphasis on hearing health. Establishing a solid navigation to help users find what they needed with a minimal amount of effort was key in presenting IntriCon as ‘accessible.’

A strong, but clean design met the standards they were setting for their own products, and would also strengthen their position in a global market and resonate with top investors and partners, not just with consumers. We also ensured that customization throughout the website allowed IntriCon the control and flexibility they needed to grow with their business model and be manageable for an expandable future (and look forward to what they continue to innovate and produce).

  • Emphasize IntriCon’s growing Value Hearing Health market by educating users about their accessible & affordable options through IntriCon distributors
  • Integrate a private client dashboard for users to access a repository of software downloads and hardware/firmware updates.
  • Partner and collaborate with the development team at NASDAQ to showcase IntriCon’s Investor Relations portion of the website, featuring NASDAQ investor tools such as an interactive stock chart, SEC filings feed, and real-time updates.

At the unveiling of their new website, IntriCon now accurately portrays both corporate and leading elements to be a frontrunner in their industry, but remains engaging and relatable to their consumers. We wish them a prosperous future for them and their constituents!