Sunrise Banks 2021 Impact Report Website Project

mockup of the sunrise banks impact report 2021 on a laptop and smartphone

About Sunrise Banks

Sunrise Banks creates a better perception of what a bank can be. Aiming to be a social engine for change, they offer financially inclusive products and services to better the lives of their clients in the Twin Cities Metro and beyond. We created their 2020 impact report website, and we’re extremely excited to share the new 2021 website. This time around, we pushed the boundaries of the user experience even more.

Project Deliverables

The client was happy with what we produced for their 2020 site, so we wanted to keep that same flow and feel while incorporating a few more UI-changing elements and animations. In addition, the 2021 report featured some new projects, including the Banking on Change campaign and the NextGen Banker Podcast. We needed an engaging way to present these components. Community engagement, inclusivity, and positive change are all cornerstones of the client’s mission, so these sections were especially important.

 We don’t see ourselves as bankers –
we see ourselves as a social engine for good.


Focal Points & Features

Tilt-Shift Cursor Effect

When your cursor moves, the Sunrise Banks Impact Report title follows. This simple but captivating animation sets the tone for the rest of the site, which is full of fun little touches that keep the user wanting to scroll.

Gif animation of the tilt-shift cursor effect on the hero banner Sunrise Banks 2021 Impact Report

Fixed Background Zoom

This subtle touch brings the user experience to the next level. Scroll down on this section and you’ll notice yourself slowly “moving” through the city. Sunrise Banks’ devotion to community engagement inspired this addition.

Short gif of background zoom on Sunrise Banks 2021 Impact Report website

Banking on Change

Banking on Change was Sunrise Banks’ 2021 impact campaign. We’re especially excited about this portion of the site, for the meaningful content as well as the fun we got to have with the fantastic illustrations by London-based artist Justine Lecouffe. Art speaks for itself, but we wanted to enhance the effect with motion. Using anchored objects and scroll animations, we were able to allow certain elements to move in tandem while others stayed put or moved slower, thus creating an engaging environment that captivates the user’s attention.

Banking on Change gif with movement of illustrations and text

NextGen Banker Podcast Integration

Also new for Sunrise Banks is the NextGen Banker Podcast, hosted by Sunrise Banks CEO David Reiling. This Spotify podcast features industry pros covering everything from finances and market trends to sustainability and the future of banking. To incorporate this new addition, we embedded actual episodes directly into the site with Spotify.

Screenshot of NextGen Banker podcast integration on Sunrise Banks 2021 Impact Report website

Easter Eggs

Last year we included some fun Easter eggs for users to find within the 2020 report. This year there are some new ones. One example is the Promise to Our Planet icon, which spins like a gyroscope on hover. There are several more we challenge you to find. A hint: one of them is heart-shaped.

Gif showing icon with gyroscope movement on mouse hover for Sunrise Banks 2021 impact report

We are proud of the Sunrise Banks 2021 Impact Report and proud to work with such a socially and environmentally conscious company. We look forward to more projects with Sunrise Banks!

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