Washington County Community Development Agency Website Project

May 2018

Project Deliverables

Our team built an engaging design to impress visitors and quickly navigate available tools & resources seamlessly.

About the Agency

Doing work that matters. It’s a big undertaking, but based out of Woodbury, Minnesota, Washington County Community Development Agency has proven to be doing exactly that. Their presence in the community serves as an asset and is stock full of support in getting vulnerable families in touch with affordable housing opportunities. Not to mention providing tools, resources, and the proper channels for those seeking rental housing or for current and prospective homeowners. Their work alongside developers in the surrounding area has also stimulated economic growth and development programs within the community. A win-win for all. So while their involvement continues to make a striking impact, their web presence was lacking that same vision.

Ground Zero Objectives

When WCCDA sought us out, we were certainly impressed to learn of their services and relevance in their community. Eager to join forces to create a web re-haul, we planned that our target goal for users was to invite active attention. Visitors needed to successfully navigate to exactly what they needed, and fast. Burying information hidden under layers of content was out of the question so the new design needed to be relational, highly visible, easily accessible, and emphasize trustworthy communication.

Beyond modern tech, a minimalistic layout, and punchy side navigation, we wanted it to scream smooth user experience. Additionally, we planned for blog functionality to share upcoming happenings and updates as well as unmissable call-to-actions to grab the attention of a variety of visitors. We used imagery with digestible content to now provide their audience with readability throughout the site.

Long story short, we hit the ground running with the following objectives and delivered a healthy dose of usability, presentation, navigation, and overall responsiveness. We believe their new website up and running, has the pizazz to ‘curbside’ its former self.

  • Introduce a modern design that appealed to visitors with a combination of presentational and traditional layouts
  • Streamline navigation and help redefine content visibility to remove clustered information
  • Integrate community awareness throughout the website to target audiences
  • Simplify homepage to send users to desired area using imagery, as well as eliminating unnecessary options and content
  • News and blog feed to highlight projects or awards to keep website current and a hub for users to receive important notices
  • Engage users by filling in simple online contact forms for ease of use

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