Digital Marketing

fuel your website

Every fine axe becomes dull with use over time and requires sharpening. Your website is no different. To get the most out of this powerful tool, it is important to understand the value of keeping it razor sharp.

A sharp website cuts through a saturated market.

Don’t waste your energy
When it comes to forming a marketing strategy, we want to help you understand that your audience cannot be all inclusive. We’ll work with you to zero in on the commonalities your visitors share, ensure that the website is secure and running at optimal performance, and then formulate a game plan to push appropriate marketing tools to match your business goals.

Increase conversions with fresh, relevant content
Digital marketing efforts can easily go to waste if your website has a sense of staleness. Effective marketing starts with refining user experience to deliver relevant content to the user as easily as possible.

Put some energy behind your swing
With your website optimized and in tip-top shape, we’re ready to start driving traffic. Our team will work with you to establish a digital marketing plan that is most fitting for your business.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Organic SEO

Google’s RankBrain is the ultimate know-it-all and consistently assessing your website for what it considers true and useful information to the public. 8bitstudio can help you wise up about organic SEO that will gain positive attention from Google and Bing. Simply put, we want search engines impressed enough with your site in its natural state and move you up in the ranks in their search results.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords are those first few links in the results when you search a specific keyphrase. Paid Google AdWords can be very effective and powerful if handled with care. When you invest hard earned money into paying for each click these ads receive, it’s important to know that your site is doing its best to convert those leads.

Google Business Listing

If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. When a potential customer searches for a service or product from their device, Google knows the geolocation. The technology looks for all business listings that relate and returns the most relevant at the top of their results.

Email Marketing

Use caution! Email marketing can be extremely effective or it can become a frustrating nuisance for your fans and drive them away. This double-edge sword can be your best friend or worst enemy. Nobody enjoys their inbox getting hammered with in your face newsletters on a daily basis. Be tasteful, intentional, and precise with your email blasts and you’ll see some great results! Design matters with these emails and we’re here to help!

Social Media Marketing

45% of the total world population are using social media networks. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are groundbreaking marketing tools to influence and target specific demographics. We can help show you how to build a following, promote posts, and tap into thousands of people who are interested in what you have to offer.