Create An Online Store

harness the power of WooCommerce

Break the brick and mortar! Get in the mindset that e-commerce websites are a living and breathing network, and require hefty building blocks to grow your online store, sell your products, and expand your brand’s reach.

If your online shop could talk.

Put consumers in the buying mood
An online shop is not just a digital shelf selling product, rather a stage to sell the experience you wish to provide your consumer. Just as a storefront is created with detail and decorum, so too should your website attract visitors with a tasteful ambiance. We can help set the tone for your unique business to wow the most stingy window shopper and prompt them to buy what you’re selling.

Demonstrate premium quality in your product
Don’t run the risk of cart abandonment due to a lack of product details. Instead, entice your audience with clear descriptions, professional images, and worthwhile content. Our easy to use tools will enable you to help consumers make decisions about your product as you intended.

Impress customers with all the bells & whistles
Customers expect your shopping cart to be flawless: built with speed, convenience, faceted search, and equipped with transaction accuracy and security. Any frustration felt on the buyer’s end is going to send them looking elsewhere to avoid a poorly executed shopping experience. We make absolutely certain that the platform you build on has the versatility and the capabilities to make shopping fun and harmonious for your visitor. As well as providing your team with a snappy back-end management system to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. Show your customer just how much you’re willing to invest in their user experience.

Boost sales using social media & digital marketing
Don’t be shy about elevating your online advertising beyond your website. Consider the impact your business could have on one platform alone if fueled correctly. With over 200 million users visiting a business Instagram feed every day, you could drive serious traffic to your online shop. We can help take your social media marketing to the next level by incorporating social media feeds and shoppable posts features to your e-commerce website.

Your shopping cart deserves WooCommerce.

We select systems that are rock solid for our clients and produce happy customers, keeping you from having to muddle through the unknowns.
Our team creates e-commerce websites with WooCommerce because it has flexible features and is seamlessly compatible with WordPress. With a plethora of options, it clearly outmatches popular alternatives such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Square. Here’s why:

  • Preferred by digital agencies across the world.
  • The freedom of limitless customization.
  • Compatible with a multitude payment gateways.
  • Access to dozens of powerful extensions and add-ons to increase the functionality.
  • Ability to integrate with the software you already use.

WooCommerce Makes Managing Your Shop Easy.

WooCommerce and WordPress work together so our clients can easily update, content on their homepage, and jump to processing orders all in one platform.

Personalize your products

  • Choose from multiple product types including virtual & downloadable products
  • Create flexible products with custom attributes
  • Manage shipping & inventory
  • Schedule sale pricing
  • Add products to multiple categories
  • Use product tags to help users find products quickly
  • Take advantage of Yoast plugin to improve SEO
Adding a new product
Selecting product type

Whip orders into shape

  • Easily update the status of orders
  • Email custom notes to customers
  • Provide tracking information
  • One-click refunds
  • Export orders to Excel or CSV file
Update order status
Update order action and add notes to customer

Gain real insight from reports & analytics

  • Keep tabs on sales metrics
  • Monitor items purchased
  • Manage stock levels
  • Export reports to Excel or CSV file
  • Download the mobile app manage your shop on the go
Viewing and exporting reports

Establish a brand worthy of loyal followers

Your first string of orders are completed and shipped out, but how can you keep your online shop front and center in the customer’s mind? By staying active and responding to their wants and needs before they even have to ask.

  • Make good use of email marketing to keep your customer close.
  • Use social media as an addition to your sales team, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. They provide specific business features that can help push your new and existing followers to your e-commerce website.
  • Take advantage of creating valuable promotions using WooCommerce extensions, such as Smart Coupons, Points & Rewards, Store Credit, Subscription Gifting, and many more.