WordPress Web Design

create a superior website

Not everyone makes the cut to become a skilled web designer or programmer. 8bitstudio has spent many years honing our skills to deliver so much more than just a website.

What we’ve learned about web design along the way.

Perfect your craft and it will show
Websites are only as good as the combined talent put forth, and our team has a thirst for taking our abilities and expertise to the next level, in an effort to produce something great for you.

Time is money, use it wisely
Every step in our production line is sensible and held accountable to adding value to your website. We strip any unnecessary steps from our process to eliminate waste and sharpen our proficiency.

Be relentless when it comes to quality
The internal expectations we have on our projects are pulled from our impressive natural surroundings and must radiate the same level of beautiful diamond grade quality. Every piece of work that passes through our hands must derive exceptional craftsmanship.

Understand your website’s capabilities
Sound knowledge of your website’s inner workings is an asset to you. 8bitstudio offers adequate training so that you know exactly what your website does for you, how it performs, and how to take full advantage of its features.

Custom websites are forged not stamped out
Our team members have earned their position and specialize in their specific field of work. We don’t believe in jack of all trades, master of none around here. Forging ideas from the ground up is what we do best. Bring your problems to the table, and our team will compose innovative ideas that challenge convention and make your business successful.

How websites are built around here.

It is important that our entire team fully understand your organization and the goals of your new website.

Discovery & Planning

  • We are excited to find out who you are and what you are aiming to achieve with your new website.
  • To accomplish this, we listen first, and ask questions later.
  • When our team feels they have adequate information and a clear direction, we begin building a sitemap, storyboarding, wireframes, and drafting the blueprints for your website.

Design & Development

  • Design with usability in mind.
  • Develop with functionality and performance at the forefront.
  • Test like it’s a shuttle launch.
  • Deploy to a production environment.

Engaging users with digital marketing

  • Driving the success of your website takes joint involvement from our team and yours to cultivate your digital brand.
  • We have the digital marketing tools and expertise to help your website produce the results and revenue you are expecting.
  • We are here to support you and your website for years to come, even after we hit the launch button.

WordPress is our content management platform of choice, its versatility and power makes it the best choice for our custom websites.

Gutenberg Meets 8bitstudio

Each website is created with a fine tuned backend user interface, paired with the latest and greatest technology of the Gutenberg editor.

Just Drag & Drop

Gutenberg gives you the freedom to create blocks of content and arrange them however you choose.

Add Content with Ease

The default Gutenberg editor gives you access to several dynamic building blocks to construct layouts that are tailored to your content.