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Our team spends so much time throughout the year concentrating on good design that sometimes it can be fun for us to take a break and “admire” bad design. What better example of bad design than ugly Christmas sweaters? This atrocious apparel used to take itself seriously, then became a joke, and now is somehow trendy again. The third Friday of every December has even been dubbed Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

We’ve rounded up a few of the worst ugly Christmas sweaters we wouldn’t be caught dead in. But hey! No judgement if you’re into them… well maybe a little. (We’ve provided shopping links just in case.)

01 Don’t Just Give the Gift, BE the Gift

Granted, this is pretty clever as a costume. However, wearing this an everyday sweater is inadvisable. That bow has got to be some kind of fire hazard.

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02 Sweaters + Suspenders

These two things could go together… if the suspenders were worn underneath the sweater. This mess not only features them on top, it also adds a tie because why not?

Find it here

03 Cheaper than a Real Tree

Any sweater that has 3D elements is probably going to be ugly, but none uglier than this one. We just hope you don’t have cats if you wear this around the house.

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04 Dinosaurs!

Ok we do kinda like this one. When are dinosaurs not cool? Just not Christmasy enough for you? They have moose ones too!

More 3D sweaters

05 Lights and Jingle Bells

If you’ve ever seen the Jim Carey version of The Grinch, you’ll recognize this. It’s the same one he wears (and gets embarrassed by) in the movie. Now the embarrassment (or just pop culture coolness) can be all yours. And it lights up!

Find it here

06 Couples Who Sweater Together are Better Together

Just when you thought ugly sweaters couldn’t get more absurd! You’re sure to stay plenty warm in this two-person version; you just also have to learn to do everything with one arm.

Find it here

07 The Itchier the Better

This one might win. They’re custom made out of actual garland, lights, and real ornaments. Each one is unique and if you’re looking to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest this year, this is the tops.

Find them on Etsy

08 Nerd Nostalgia

This one isn’t Christmas, but we can’t resist a good retro tech joke. Windows released 3 special edition novelty sweaters in 2020, and we love the exaggerated ugliness of both the sweater itself and the technology of the times. We’ve come a long way!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from 8bitstudio!

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