Website Prices Have Changed And Why It’s Good For You

If you had to drive through a blizzard, would you rather drive a 1973 Honda Civic or a brand new Tesla Model X? The Tesla has traction control, anti-lock brakes, and the lowest rollover risk of any SUV. It’s the obvious choice, right?

Those features are pretty expensive though. Back in 1973, a new Honda Civic cost $2,150, while a new Model X can cost $82,000. That’s about 38 times as much! Are the modern safety features, electric motor, and beautiful style still worth it? Of course. With your life on the line, the safe option is the smart option.

When your business is on the line, will you make the same decision? Will you invest in a site that will take your company where it needs to go?

Car prices have changed for a reason. Brands like Tesla have created a new breed of car that a ‘73 Civic can’t compete with. Websites are no different. They’ve changed a lot and it’s time to keep up.

Breaking down website trends over the years

1989-96: The Business Card Site

Pizza Hut was an early adopter of online orders as shown in its 1996 website.

When the internet was new, websites were simple. They were basically business cards. All they really did was display contact information and help people order pizza.

Even though these sites were simple, they commanded a hefty price. Sometimes costing $5,000 or more. Like a ‘73 Civic, these sites were a good start, but today they’re ineffective and outdated.

1997-2007 – The Brochure Site

Pizza Hut’s site as of 2002 offers 4 different pages for visitors to browse.

As web technology improved, so did websites. Soon it was the era of the brochure website. Multiple pages of content allowed visitors to leaf through information about your business. Forms and dropdown boxes made navigation fast and easy. This was a vast improvement over business card sites.

The increase in content and features meant that these sites could range in price from $5,000-15,000. Today businesses still use simple brochure sites built from templates. These are a good choice for the average business just like a modern Civic is perfect for the average driver. But, most companies are moving to more modern sites that drive sales and marketing and keep pace with competitors.

2007-2017 – The Brick and Mortar Site

In 2017, Pizza Hut’s site is responsive and provides a full range of functions and content.

Modern websites are way more than a business card or brochure. They’re more like a brick and mortar store where you can get all of your needs taken care of. They make sales and market your business 24/7 while providing support to existing customers.

Powerful, feature-rich websites aren’t limited to Fortune 500 companies anymore. Forward-thinking small businesses have started to use modern websites to boost their growth. The costs for this type of site can vary from the low thousands to over fifty thousand dollars depending on the size of your company and its needs. This site is your Tesla.

What a New Website Means for You?

Replacing your old site can open up huge opportunities for your business and simplify its operation. Building a new site can give your company:

  • A better reputation within your community and online
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • A complete online experience for your customers
  • More qualified leads from your contact page
  • An optimized experience for visitors on mobile devices
  • Automation of repetitive tasks like customer database management
  • Opportunities to expand the reach of your business beyond its region

These are some of the results that you can achieve when you think strategically about your website and invest your time and money into continually improving it.

It’s Worth It

When you’re driving down a slippery road, having a car you can trust is worth it. It gives you the confidence and protection you need to move forward and reach your destination.

Your company’s website is no different. An outdated site might be the affordable option, but that doesn’t make it the right option.

Updating your site makes your company credible and stable. Don’t compromise on your most valuable marketing asset. Make an investment in quality and don’t look back.

Need an Upgrade?

Whether you need a Civic, Tesla, or something in between, we can help you make the upgrade. Contact us and we’ll work together to build a superior website.

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