5 Areas Of Your Website To Spring Clean This Season

If you’re like us, the great outdoors motivates us to make some changes, bringing new ideas and inspiration to our projects. So embrace the new season and bring your website back to life with a bit of sizzle! In this article we dig into five areas of your business’s website that could use some much needed TLC…

  • Aged Homepage
    A website’s homepage needs to support the hefty task of transforming first glances into sparked interest, so give it a fresh face that conveys more modern elements. A functional layout, adequate white space, and careful planning of your message & imagery will take your online presence up a notch.
  • Links on the Brink
    Don’t let a multitude of outdated links derail your user experience, delivering an overwhelming disconnect with your audience. We offer you the ability to simplify and use clear, concise call-to-actions to walk them through your content & pique their interest.
  • Dust off the Fluff
    Few people like to read piles of text, even when they’re researching what you have to offer. Cut to the chase with short, quality content and leave the lint in the dryer.
  • Menacing Menu
    Most of what a user is searching for should be easily found in a couple of clicks, rather than a directory obstacle course, and the order should naturally transition to your inner content. We recommend designing a global navigation and menu system that answers your user’s basic questions and can grow with your website.
  • Forbidden Static
    If your website’s not moving, then it’s safe to say neither is your audience. Next level web design demands that webpages be crafted to be more visually stimulating using animations and interactive technology, telling your reader a story and ditching the encyclopedia.
  • Take Action!
    If any of these remind you of your website, then now is the perfect time to invest back into your content, eliminating the broken links and outdated text. Our vision is to see your website succeed for the long haul, and our team can provide you with guidance and web solutions.


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