Web Design Careers

We come to work everyday excited to dig in, solve problems, and have fun…no seriously. Forget convoluted corporate management, we operate in a lateral team structure where everyone is pulling their own weight and reap the same benefits. At 8bitstudio we work smarter, not harder, efficiency is everything.

An environment you will enjoy

We strive to create a work environment that is friendly and open minded. You won’t find cubicles or rigid corporate hoops to jump through at 8bitstudio. We are all in this together and want “work” to feel like your second home. And as creatives, it’s important to take breaks and avoid daily burnout, therefore our office is designed to encourage team members to move around freely and sit in a comfy chair or at our custom hightop live-edge black walnut table. We often gather around together as a team and enjoy goodies, such as (our favorite) Einstein Bagel Mondays, freshly brewed coffee, snacks galore, and at the end of the day… cracking open a cold one after cracking the code on that afternoon task.

We push passionate people

We’re not interested in dead weight. If you are ambitious, driven, and want to be challenged every day, then this could be a great fit. Together we push each other as a team to do the best work we can no matter the budget or timeline, forge something that works and looks insanely good.

Work With Perks

Generous 401K Plan

Saving early for retirement is critical, 8bitstudio helps put you on the path towards a secure future by backing you up with an employer – contribution to your 401(k).


Enjoy the fruits of our labor and build your nest egg. We know how hard you work and we believe in sharing our success by helping you prepare for your retirement with annual profit sharing contributions.

Paid Holidays

We’re not stingy when it comes to observing holidays. Work recesses are a sure way to be merry and relish in the yearly festivities with the important people in our lives, while still bringing in the dough to cover celebratory fun.

Health Insurance

8bitstudio offers health insurance options to assist in providing care for you and your family.

Paid vacation

Working as a creative requires a certain amount of downtime to refresh and avoid burnout. Take paid vacations days when you want. All we ask is to be fair and give the team a heads up.

Commission Opportunities

8bitstudio employees who refer a new client and land a project, are compensated with a commission.

Want to join our team?

UX/UI Designer

Craft user experiences and interface design to shape how people interact in a digital world. Share your talent & creativity!

Full Stack Developer

Be the driving force behind groundbreaking web development and build entire digital experiences from start to finish. Show us what you’re capable of!

Paid Digital Specialist

If you’re passionate about crafting and managing awesome digital ad campaigns apply to be a paid digital specialist.