Instagram, A Necessity For Your Business In 2020?


Everyone has it, yet the number of businesses that actually use Instagram as a successful Digital Marketing tool seems to be small. People are on Instagram all day, so there has to be a way to capitalize this social phenomenon, right? There is, this post will show you a few ways to help use Instagram in an efficient and effective way.

Business Account

Making sure your business is setup on an Instagram Business account is crucial. This feature allows you to view your insights, which shows you the type of people viewing your firm’s content. This is a very powerful tool, that if used correctly help you identify your target market.

Tips & Tricks

  • Turn “Business” feature on in your settings
  • Analyze insights, this will help you make decisions on what to post, when to post, etc.
  • Provide your followers with important information such as hours, prices, events etc.
  • Post regularly, but don’t flood your followers with non-relevant content

Post Your Products

This allows your followers to see a product they like, and the simply check out. It makes the process of buying products quick and easy, which everyone loves when it comes to shopping!

  • Strategically place products in post, this will create curiosity for followers and make them want to learn more
  • Have links to company shop tagged on each product, makes the post a one-stop-shop
  • Don’t overdue it, products should blend in with post and not be in followers face
  • Great tool to introduce new products to current followers

Showcase Your Products

Expense Of Advertising On Instagram

Paid Advertisements on Instagram can be an exceptionally powerful tool if used correctly. At times, people find themselves essentially ignoring these ads because they can seem redundant. However, if you catch your intended audience at the right moment they will notice your company, regardless if they click on the ad or not.

  • Paying-per-click on your ad sounds expensive, but with cost-conscious budgeting tools it’s easy to stay on track
  • Pinpoint target market, and focus in on the exact crowd that you want to see your ad
  • Analytics available to see which posts perform best, and gave your firm the most value
  • Finally, run ads for at least 3 days to ensure your ad reaches everyone that it was intended to

Want To Give It A Try?

Impact Of Influencers

In this digital age, we are as close to the people we admire and this is an incredible opportunity for businesses. By hiring the right person to endorse your brand, this no-brainer marketing tactic can tremendously help boost brand exposure and overall sales.

  • Finding the right influencer is key, make sure that whoever it is they are relevant with your target market
  • Influencers that genuinely use your product is best, their passion for your product will only be to your benefit
  • Brand and Product credibility will be positively impacted, verified influencers can drive this to your followers
  • Untapped potential, as opposed to paid ads there is no limit on people you can reach here, your campaign could be the next to become viral!

Looking For An Influencer?


This tool is a really unique way to get your followers talking about a specific campaign, product, or event. By incorporating hashtags into your posts, you can really provide an opportunity to have any feature of your business in the spotlight for a moment.

  • Keep these interesting, will draw folks attention quite a bit more than being bland and obvious
  • Don’t use too many, pick a successful one and stay consistent with it
  • Make sure it means what it sounds like, straightforward comprehension is important with hashtags
  • Use it to add context to posts, it should help reiterate what your post is portraying to followers

Want More Help?

Make Updates Exciting, Using Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram are an awesome way to creatively keep followers in the loop day-to-day. Instead of having an entire post for every event, stories can be an efficient way to make followers aware of day-to-day activities without flooding them with posts.

  • Be creative, use the many different tools in this feature to make announcements
  • Great for time sensitive events, only up for 24 hours so you don’t promote specials, events, etc. that are no longer running.
  • Stories keep your business relevant, it is easily noticeable instantly app opens
  • Use stories as reminders, something important happening? Remind your followers about it with this feature

Not Sure What To Put On Your Story?


Whether your business decides to pay for ads on Instagram or not, there is no denying Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool to stay in touch with existing followers and potential followers. Overall, it is in the best of interest of every business to have an up-to-date Instagram page to help promote their digital marketing efforts.

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