Loop Connect

Introducing The Loop Connect

“Running a website is so easy!”
…said no one ever.

Running a website shouldn’t feel like rocket science. We want our clients to better understand their websites, and know how to make them work their absolute best. That’s why we’re introducing an interactive way to create connections: between our team and our clients, you and your website, and you and other industries. Sure, you could call it networking. We call it The Loop Connect.

Every month we’ll be hosting a free, virtual training event that’s included in our monthly website plans. We will cover topics that every website owner needs to know. Plus, you’ll get a chance to ask all your burning questions and get on-the-spot answers from our team of experts. Stay “in the loop” on topics like:

How to engage users & create leads
Tips & tricks for content creation
How to use the block editor & FLEX Suite content
How to best optimize your webpages, including image sizing and SEO tips
Industry trends and how to keep your website fresh
Open floor Q&A sessions for all things website related
A few bad website puns & dad jokes

Think of it as a class with no homework, a meeting you don’t have to dress up for. Just fun, informative sessions that will do wonders for your website. Plus, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you better! We’re all about the working partnerships we make with our clients. Join for some, join for all; the invitation is always open.

How do I get in The Loop?

We recently unveiled our new monthly website plans, which include innovative new services to help you propel your website forward. The Loop Connect is included in both of our monthly plans. Not sure what plan is best for you? Get in touch with us to discuss the options.

What’s coming up?

Our first Loop Connect event will be in January, 2024. Keep an eye on your email for updates! Questions? Feel free to reach out.

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