Schell’s Brewery Website Project

June 2018

Project Deliverables

Beloved Minnesota brewery dating back to 1860, gets overhauled with a new website highlighting their recent brand refresh.

About the Company

Known for their distinctive craft beer and notable history, this project was a tall order to fill, but the perfect outlet for us beer drinkers. Generations of Schell’s award winning beers have been surpassing the brewery business and creating legendary favorites. So naturally, we needed to knock this one out of the park and present their brand as beloved as their brew.

Ground Zero Objectives

Schell’s originally came to us about fixing a broken back-end website, but sold them on the idea that we could provide an intriguing functional e-commerce site and a fresh new design to boot. We wanted to engage their fans the minute they landed on the site, so we provided a critical pathway that would weave them through pages of rich stories, perseverance, and a timeless brewing process, inviting the audience to partake in Schell’s journey. Further tapping into a series of unique beer pages now showcases the styles and promotes flavorful beers with ‘behind the brew’ exploration. And determined to create a user experience driving visitors to join in on the Schell’s fun, we called out eagerly awaited events, brewery tours, gift shop goods, and locating fan beer favorites. This website is now stock full of custom crafted elements, one we’re proud to have had the opportunity to work with their Brew Crew on, writing this part of their history and bringing new life to such a celebrated brand.

  • Create a fixed side navigation menu, that easily adapts across multiple devices
  • Integrate an aggregate social media feed on the homepage to showcase their growing social media presence
  • Showcase Schell’s recently rebranded beer packaging and evolving selection by creating detailed beer pages to tell the unique story of each beer.
  • Refresh the design and user experience of their handy Beer Locator tool. Enable users to quickly find locations stocked with Schell’s beer varieties in their area using their zip code to populate a custom a Google Map
  • Feature their historical narrative dating back to 1828, with supporting sections for each major era of the company’s story paired with a matching modal housing a timeline highlighting historical photos and anecdotes.
  • Promote their recently established sour beer facility and public taproom, Starkeller Brewing by adding dedicated pages for beer enthusiasts to discover the taproom and the annual sour beer fest, Funk Junction.
  • Revamp the e-commerce shop by utilizing the WooCommerce platform, as well as refreshing the design and usability of the online shopping experience with a new category and filter structure.
  • Simplifying the Distributor Portal for product distributors to easily download marketing assets for all Schell’s beer brands, including Noble Star Collection, and Grain Belt.

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