Sunrise Banks 2023 Impact Report Website Project

About Sunrise Banks

Sunrise Banks is a certified B Corp with innovative banking services designed to turn each transaction into a ripple of positive change. They are working to help build a brighter future for everyone who lives and works in the Twin Cities and beyond.

This is our fourth year working with Sunrise Banks on their impact report microsite! The theme this year: Build, Grow, Thrive.

Since our inception, Sunrise Banks has set out to be more than just a bank; we have aspired to become the world’s foremost socially responsible bank.”

David Reiling, CEO

Project Deliverables

The design direction for this year’s report included bright gradient blends, wavy background elements and more simplified typography than previous years. Using the print design and illustrations created by Judd Einan of Fluence Creative, we transformed the booklet sections into interactive web components. One of the highlights of this years’ report was Sunrise Banks’ new Core Values, so we found a fun, interactive way to present those. Additionally, we re-worked some of the previous years’ sections with a new, simplified look.

Focal Points & Features

Modal Redesign

We switched up the look of our modals this year. Instead of opening from the side, they now pop up and feature an opaque overlay and rounded corners.


The print design for the Loan Portfolio section no longer uses bar graphs, so we got creative with counters to keep the presentation for this section interactive.

Stacked Cards

Sunrise Banks unveiled their new Core Values in 2023. In order to present them in a fun way, we used a flipping card animation that interacts with light up letters on scroll.

Pie Graphs

The print design uses pie graphs to help visually break down stats, so we also incorporated them into the microsite.


We saw an opportunity in the Community Stories section to use timed scroll slides to narrate the story, much like the Brand Journalism section of 2022.


Following the typographical design of the print report, we used a combination of outlined and solid Roboto Condensed to present elements.

Rotating Buttons & Hover Elements

One of everyone’s favorite pieces of last year’s report was the interactive rotating buttons. They’re back this year! We also kept our rotating icon in the Sunrise Banks Pathway2Home section, and the hero animation that interacts with your cursor.

Special thanks to Judd Einan for his fun illustrations and design inspiration!

It’s always a pleasure to work with Sunrise Banks, and the microsite project gives us the opportunity to think outside the box and have fun with animation and storytelling in web design. Be sure to check out the new 2023 report, and visit to learn more about them.

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