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We are problem solvers at our core. Every website design project begins with creative collaboration between our team and the client. Throughout our process we are testing ideas, breaking the mold, and delivering digital products that kickass. We are here to help you create a fool-proof website that can ride the rockiest waves.

Our Team's Approach

How we get stuff done

We approach each project as a true collaboration, offering our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Commitment to Quality

Our team fixates on high standards both on and off the computer, so that you can pull the best version of support out of your back pocket when you need us. We keep projects authentic, on track, and unearth real results from the start of your project to launch and beyond.


Ninja Quick

Our small and agile team allows us to pivot and adapt on the fly. The result is less time through the grapevine, and more focus on getting your website up and running.


Budget Conscious

We know that websites can vary in degree of functionality and cost, especially with unlimited options for features that best suit your business needs. But we also like to take into consideration what you've set as a budget and negotiate a final price that works for you and doesn't break the bank.


Fun to Work With

Our tight knit team is small in size, but packs a punch for personal touches and a fun working environment. We get to know our clients on a first name basis, share in their interests, and keep the communication lines wide open for creative collaboration. Our workplace is typically a haven for lively conversation, with the freedom to explore and actively participate.


Web Design

Captivate people with a unique website

Scrap the templates and cookie-cutter options for a tailor-made website that truly reflects your brand and makes you proud to show it off.

Custom Web Design



Sell Online And Fulfill Orders With Ease

Today's economic landscape demands more than brick & mortar, investing in an online shop will improve customer experience and extend your brand's reach beyond the storefront.

Ecommerce Solutions


Digital Marketing

Get noticed and increase your website's performance

Maintaining an online presence requires vigilant work, just like traditional marketing. Take advantage of helpful tools & techniques to increase customer engagement and drive conversion.

Digital Marketing

8bitstudio has been in business since 2005. We've put a very strong emphasis on finding talented individuals that are experts in their line of work. 8bitstudio employees are passionate about the solutions they craft and take great pride in out performing our competition. The team working on your project can vary depending on the requirements we define during evaluation. In most cases, you'll be working with a project manager that will assist in translating your requirements to our creative designers and developers. Our creative team is also very involved with the client throughout the process and available to answer questions as well as brainstorm tailored solutions for your specific project.

Arguably, the single most important aspect of a successful website comes down to proper planning prior to development. During our proposal process, we determine approximately how much time we feel is required for project management, planning, and research. This number is an estimation based on past projects of a similar magnitude. Our process then involves an evaluation service prior to requesting a signed agreement or statement of work. During this evaluation, we are able to spend billable time working directly with our clients to define all the requirements and scope for the project with better precision and offer a fixed price based on the agreed time and materials. Next up is planning & research. Our team spends an agreed amount of time based on our evaluation to plan out your website, features, functionality, user experience, and user interface (UX/UI). This planning paves the road ahead for smooth development. Every project is unique and because of that, we ask that you please reference your proposal for an estimation of hours we'd prefer to invest into your project's success.

In the past, website design and development began with a designer playing guessing games with the UX/UI design & graphical elements by using a program such as Adobe Photoshop. This resulted in clients requiring on average two or three different concepts before development could begin. As the internet has evolved and responsive design is now standard, this has changed our process for the better. We now sketch wireframe layouts, visual representations of where the content on your site will be placed, during our internal project direction meetings. As we work through the UX/UI, we've found that it's most cost efficient to set aside graphical design at this stage. Our efforts are focused on a creating a flexible wireframe that supports the best user experience on as many devices and screen sizes available. An HTML and CSS wireframe allows us to quickly build out a suggested layout and our clients can then offer feedback. Making changes to this layout is a very speedy process and we're able to dial in an agreed UX/UI without the distraction of graphical elements. This also allows our clients to better visualize the site as it comes together and we've found that the longer a client has to look at the wireframe the more their ideas evolve in a positive direction.

We have been in business long enough to watch the internet evolve. It's our job to stay current with the most recent trends and continued education. Visitor tracking technology provides a way to monitor how effective different navigation systems perform and track the overall performance of the UX/UI. Looking at these reports gives us a strong indication of what works and what doesn't. The beauty of a new website is that if a particular area of the site is not performing as expected, we can easily manipulate that specific area and monitor for improvement.