8bitstudio Named A Top Minneapolis Web Design Agency, Again!

We’ll raise a glass to that!

8bitstudio is always up for a good celebratory jig when it comes to being honored, and this year was no exception. Clutch has become one of the industry leaders in ranking the best design companies and top web development agencies so that our clients find the right agency for the job. So we’re pretty proud they’ve announced and bestowed on us for a second year running as one of the “Top Minneapolis Web Design Agencies for 2017.” Our team sees this win as encouragement to take next year’s projects to the “nth” degree, and keep to our tried and true method of extraordinary service with top-notch design.

“The quality of customer service they provided was unlike any company we’ve worked with.”

-Colin McKissick, General Manager, Wissota Skate Sharpeners

Though our team tends to exert more ‘right-brain’ driven creativity, we also know that deep strategic planning & logic are necessary to bring our best ideas to the table. And we like to present our clients with unforeseen options by our ‘dream big’ motto when it comes to what is possible for their website. We’ve never been in the business to simply repeat trendy designs, knowing full well there are limitless possibilities at our fingertips to build custom designs regardless of the size of project or company. So we’re ecstatic that every above & beyond effort we’ve poured into our client’s projects this year has given both of us the opportunity to grow and succeed.

“8bitstudio performed incredibly well. I’ve worked with another firm at a previous company, and the collaboration with our contact from 8bitstudio was a night-and-day difference with regards to immediacy, communication skills, accuracy, ability to work out problems, and so on.”

Bob Lorum, VP of Marketing, Xact Data Discovery

Based on the evaluations and rankings from Clutch, we’re thrilled we’ve made an impression after all of the dozens of firms looked at, paying attention to online presence, previous work, and a clear focus on web design. Our clients are always a huge part of this success in earning (and keeping) this title so we shout-out our sincerest thanks! We’ve loved building long-term relationships and keeping their experience with us a memorable one! Check out our Clutch profile to read the full interviews.

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