Warning Of “Copyright Infringement” Spam Email Threat

Have you encountered copyright infringement spam messages in your email inbox? If so you may recognize the following sample message:

Is this a new threat?

We’ve seen this particular style of spam before. This is a new tactic that started sometime last year that is fairly sophisticated, and the script behind it is specifically meant to target WordPress websites. We have provided articles below that go into more detail, but here’s the quick rundown: These spam messages use specific keywords to spoof anti-spam measures, and by only sending a handful of messages several days apart, they also aren’t flagged as repetitive messages.

How does it work?

We’ve seen this message even bypass Google ReCaptcha, so this strategy works well against strong anti-spam, so, unfortunately, there are not many options available to us to block this type of attack. The goal of these messages isn’t to drown your inbox, but to get you to click the link provided and download the file.

What to do if you see a message like this in your inbox

DO NOT download that file under any circumstances, as it contains a known Trojan virus that is highly effective at evading even the best antivirus software (at least as of last year). Given that this particular spam is resurging, the hackers likely tweaked both the spam script and the virus to slip through detection yet again.

If you accidentally download the file, do not open the zipped file. If you have already unzipped the file, please have your computer thoroughly scanned to avoid complications.

Helpful Articles to Learn More

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