flex suite title
flex suite title

It’s a goodie box for your website.

A library of high-powered technology packed with over $1000 in value. Our team selectively hand-picks the latest & greatest tools to fuel your website. When something new drops, you’ll get it first.

Engage & Inform

Easily publish, organize, and share content with visitors using a customized blog template that fits your brand. Easily add photos, videos and stylized headers to your posts.

Blog & News

Add & update blog or news content easily.

Spread the Word

User-friendly tools that simplify the process of adding events to a calendar, managing registrations, selling tickets, and more.


Display upcoming events & allow visitors to register.

Show it Off

Create stunning galleries that feature photos, video, podcasts and more! Plus, these galleries are expandable and easy to edit, so you can add or remove content easily.

Media Gallery

Feature stunning galleries of photos & videos.

Press Play

Want a video to play right on your page? You got it! Easy video embeds allow you to play just about any video anywhere on your site. Or, use a video as a background to engage users.

Video Embeds

Embed videos & use as backgrounds.

More than Just a Tiny Hamburger

Sliders are so in right now. Create a captivating user experience by adding carousel content to any section of your site. Sliders are a great way to get information across and engage your audience.


Feature interactive content in customizable carousels.

Brag a Little

10 out of 10 would recommend this feature. Boost credibility and trust by showcasing eye-catching reviews and ratings on your webpages.

Ratings & Reviews

Feature eye-catching ratings and reviews.

Fill it Out

Advanced form technology supports everything from a simple “get in touch” to job applications, file uploads and even date pickers.

Advanced Forms

Contact, file uploads, date picker and more.

Listen Up!

Keep important announcements front and center with an announcer bar. Whether it’s a weather closure, modified business hours, a hiring announcement or an important phone number, you have the freedom to personalize your notifications and decide where they show up.

Announcer Bar

Share important updates at the top of your website.

Build Better

Ditch the template feel and give your website a sophisticated, unique look with advanced layouts. Not a designer? Don’t worry, we can help with these.

Layout Builder

Create beautiful presentations for your content.

Clean Up Content

These have nothing to do with polka music. Accordion blocks are interactive design elements that allow users to expand or collapse sections of content with a click. Think FAQs.

Accordion Blocks

Keep layouts clean with the ability to hide & reveal content.

Improve Navigation

Got a lot of pages? Organize your navigation into a mega menu that helps visitors quickly find their way to the information they need. Mega menus are fully customizable and come with numerous options.

Mega Menu

Organize your site with advanced menu navigation.

Make it Stick

Keep important elements in view at all times using “sticky” settings. Useful for announcements, phone numbers and and buttons that you want to stay accessible as users scroll through your page.

Sticky Elements

Keep the header or other elements in view at all times.

Get Paid Easily

Simple Paypal integration allows your users to make payments or donations directly on your site.


Accept payments or donations from users via your website.

Start Selling

Sell online with intuitive e-commerce integration. Keep track of inventory, process orders and accept payments in one place.

Online Shop

Sell online with a small-scale e-commerce solution.

Keep Track

See your web traffic and user analytics on one convenient dashboard with Google Site Kit integration.

Visitor Insights

Track visitors & demographics with Google Site Kit.

Rank Better

Be search engine friendly with SEO tools that ensure your website doesn’t get overlooked by Google. We’ll help with meta titles, descriptions and keywords your pages need to rank well.

SEO Tools

Tools & insights for basic search engine optimization.

Post It

Keep users engaged socially with an Instagram feed directly embedded on your website. Plus, when you post, it’ll instantly update on your site. #winning

Instagram Feed

Display your latest Instagram posts anywhere on your site.

Map It

You can now embed Google Maps anywhere on your website! Just put in the location you want to map and it’ll show up on the page just as it does in Google. This feature is helpful if you have multiple locations, or hard-to-find locations. Use with event tech to help users know where to go.

Google Maps

Use Google Maps to provide directions & locations.

Find Hires

If it’s time to expand your team, your website can be one of your most lucrative hiring tools. Easily create and show open positions, and take resumes directly on your site.

Job Postings

Feature open job listings & take resumes right on your site.

Sign Up

For websites featuring exclusive members-only content, it’s a breeze to establish membership tiers and manage access.

User Registration

Let users register & create memberships on your site.

Get Boosted

Image optimization on a website is crucial because it improves page loading speed, enhances user experience, and helps with SEO by reducing the website’s overall file size.

Image Optimization

Boost page speed without losing quality.

Count it Down

An interactive countdown timer is a fun way to engage your visitors! Count down to events, product releases and more. These are fully customizable and easy to implement.

Countdown Timer

Interactive countdowns to events, new releases and more.

Picture This

Finding images for your site can be tricky, but not anymore. Find royalty-free stock images that don’t suck to use anywhere on your site with integrated stock image libraries.

Stock Photos

Find images quickly with access to stock photos.

Make it Move

Sites that have movement are more memorable and engaging for users. Easily integrate scroll and hover animations on elements like photos, and embed animated graphics on your site.


Enhance the user experience of your site with animations.

*This is not a complete list of features. Optional advanced features are available (additional costs may apply).

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