The Power Of Email Marketing


Email Marketing in 2020 is either a company’s greatest tool, or it’s greatest downfall. At times, flooding subscribers with email promotions subscribers can get annoying, and make them unsubscribe. However, if promotions are done correctly and does not feel like spam it can be one of the best marketing tools available on the market.

Personalize Audience

Sending mass emails to ALL of your subscribers typically is bad practice, try tightening up who you are sending these emails too. Also, addressing subscribers by their name improves the possibility of engaging with that email and taking action. Personalization makes folks feel valued, and much more like to support your business by way of sales, recommendations, etc.

Timing Of Campaigns

Rolling out campaigns at the right time is very important, and can ultimately play a factor as to how successful that campaign is. You might think the time of year is perfect, but there is a multitude of different factors that can affect whether or not subscribers actually take action. Essentially, figure out when you sent your most successful email campaign, and then be consistent with that time in the future!

Cost Efficiency

Budgeting is huge in marketing, and Email Marketing is generally one of the most cost efficient ways of reaching your target market. Typically, most platforms are free and really simplistic to use. These platforms allow you to, pinpoint particular audiences and tailor these emails to each individual in that audience. Here are a few awesome platforms to help your Email Marketing strategy run efficiently and smoothly.

Moving Forward

In 2020, there is no good reason to not take in the advantages of Email Marketing. From cost efficiency, personalization, and planning the benefits far outweigh the risks. If your company currently is not using Email Marketing, make it imperative to roll out a campaign today!

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