What is a UX Audit?

a ux audit pinpoints areas of improvement for a website's user experience

Anyone who regularly shops at Target can tell you: it’s a literal experience. You make your way down the shiny sales floor and become tempted to visit every department. You don’t actually need anything in Home & Office, but you still find yourself veering towards those aisles. Suddenly hours have gone by and your cart is full of both essentials and impulse buys. Target has won your business (and your paycheck) yet again. This is called “The Target Effect.” How do they do it? It’s all in the user experience (UX).

the target effect is how target creates user experience which leads to sales

Think about your website’s user flow. The way you set up your “departments” and how you funnel “shoppers” through them makes a huge difference in lead conversions. Much like a bad store layout, poor site navigation, confusing buttons, and annoying “take action” popups are likely to overwhelm and frustrate your visitors. This is where a UX audit comes in.

What is a UX audit?

The best way to get feedback on the user experience (UX) of your website is through a professional audit, where an expert can help identify areas of improvement. Don’t confuse the user experience with SEO. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is what brings the traffic to your door, but the user experience is what converts the leads. Think of the UX as that cleverly designed Target store. Appealing displays, easy-to-read information, and a definite visitor flow all contribute to the visitor’s experience of that store and keep them coming back to shop there.

Bad UX can make a visitor feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, or pressured, and nobody likes pushy salespeople. The foundation of a good website is based on permission-based conversation, which enables the visitor to give the website permission for any information they receive. You’re not bombarding or pressuring your visitor, but gently guiding them through your site so they will take action. Good UX is how a website tells a story in a human voice. An audit helps your website achieve that voice.

Who needs a website audit?

Any business can benefit from a site audit, but they’re especially helpful for businesses that have noticed a drop in their lead conversions or an increase in visitor bounce rate. Even a mini audit can help pinpoint the biggest problem areas on your site and provide you with recommendations for a better user experience.

What is the value?

Your website is one of the most powerful tools for your business. Having an approachable and user-friendly website will lead to a better customer experience, which leads to retention and loyalty and ultimately more conversions.

What can I expect?

Our creative professionals will comb through your website and uncover areas that can be improved. Our end goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve your visitor’s user experience. Taking action on these recommendations ensures your visitors are navigating easily and getting the information they seek quickly, which ultimately leads to a valuable increase in lead conversions.


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