Why the Cost of Building a Website Can Vary

Not all websites are created equal. A lot goes into the build. Here's why the cost of building a website can vary, and how 8bitFLEX fits in.

Not all websites are created equal.

On the surface, a webpage can look great and serve its purpose, but let’s consider all the blueprints that go into the build. Some webpages cost a fortune to build while others can be built for free. Here we break down the cost of building a website into basic tiers.

lego building blocks representing the lowest tier cost of building a website

Tier 1: DIY Builders

Your DIY Build Kit

Range: Free – $50 per month

DIY websites can feel a lot like buying a pop-up shed kit from a big box store like Home Depot or Ikea. They are flexible enough to be assembled yourself, your way, and on your time. They certainly serve a purpose and will get you an end product. However, just like kits, these DIY websites do not come with the help or support you may find yourself needing, and they can sometimes be cumbersome or complicated if you are not well versed in the best way to manage the buildout. They also take time (and patience) to build.

lego contractor character showing that hiring a freelance designer is like hiring a handyman for your website

Tier 2: Hiring a Handyman

Your Freelance Solution

Range: $2k – $5k

You realize you need a little help with the setup. You still plan on building that kit shed, but you want to have confidence so you hire a contractor to pour the concrete slab and get it set up for you. Usually, you get what you want, but with the market saturated with freelancers and self-proclaimed designers, this can be a gamble. You’ll want to be sure you land the right experienced freelancer to ensure you are making a good investment.

lego character general contractors or your basic web design agency

Tier 3: General Contractor

Your Standard Agency

Range: $10k – $20k

While not architects, they have the technical capabilities to work with the right tools and equipment. You have a bit more understanding of what you are looking for, so you hire the agency to build it. These sites are usually based on a prebuilt theme from a WordPress marketplace. We call them “cookie cutter” websites. They may not have all the bells and whistles you were hoping for, but the sites serve their purpose. The downside to marketplace themes is they don’t always perform well and are often weighed down by too many unnecessary features.

lego artist and architect figure representing the custom home builders of website design, or the highest cost of building a website

Tier 4: The Architects & Custom Home Builders

Your Custom, Handcrafted Web Crew

Range: $40k+

Just as an architect can draw up your dream build, hiring a custom web design agency can bring your vision to life with a dedicated crew of engineers and tradesmen. These web architects design your dream site and the developers build every single feature and function you want on your website. This is 8bitstudio. For more than 17 years we have been working with clients to create solid custom work.

Our architectural process starts with a deep understanding of your organization, followed by brainstorming and defining a website strategy, and finally bringing your vision to life. All of the steps involved to design and engineer a custom solution are crafted by our skilled and experienced team members, and we are proud to give our final stamp of approval as a guarantee of quality.

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